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5 Home Improvement Tips…That Have Nothing to Do With Your House

Home improvement tips that have nothing to do with your house? We’re serious! There’s a lot you can do as a homeowner or rental property owner that has nothing to do with improving the physical structure of your house. It’s still all “home improvement!” This week, we’re sharing five tips that you can use to improve your overall home situation, regardless of the weather, time of year or the state of your carpet (and exploring them are FREE!).

  • Homeowners Insurance Checkup: Contact your homeowners insurance provider and ask them to send out an agent to do a policy update. A trained eye can spot discounts and policy enhancements you might need since making changes. This is a great once-a-year update practice for any homeowner or rental property owner.
  • Mortgage Checkup: Do some rate shopping. Rates are currently hovering below 5% and banks are still hungry for your business. There’s no harm in calling to see if a refinance is in your future and if it can save you money in the long run.
  • Efficiency Checkup: Before the heat of the season is upon us, give your local HVAC company a call and have them perform a cooling efficiency test. Many companies do these for free and it’s cheaper to make repairs now before demand goes up with all the folks who delayed needing attention in the summer months.
  • Utility Checkup: Does your cable company have better rates? Can you bundle your phone service? It doesn’t hurt to pop by provider websites to see if they have better promotions than when you signed your last contract.
  • Meet Your Neighbors: There’s nothing better than living in a neighborhood where people look out for one another. Stop by your neighbor’s house, say hello, talk about mowing one another’s lawns throughout the season. A neighbor who cares is a great enhancement to any living situation and better than a burglar alarm!

If you haven’t stopped by our local events calendar, see what’s going on in the greater San Juan region! We keep this up to date as a service to you, our neighbors. Enjoy the last of the snow and we look forward to meeting you if we haven’t already.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.


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