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A Holiday Wish from San Juan Realty, Inc.

Half of our friends have already headed to their holiday destination and the other half? Well, they’re much like us – getting ready to entertain or already in the midst of their own celebrations with friends and family at home. As Christmas is only a few days away, we wanted to tell you why we still believe in Santa Claus.

We work in an industry that’s had its fair share of ups and downs over the past few years, However, through it all, we’re blessed to have friends and clients like you. At a time of year where many might not believe in much, we think that it’s still possible to believe in Santa Claus…it just depends on what Santa means to you.

He’s not cultural or religious. He doesn’t have to drive a sleigh or have a big, bushy white beard. Rather, he’s an idea and one that lives inside each of us. He can encourage us to be kinder, to lend a helping hand where its needed most, and realize that the winter holiday season isn’t about lines at the mall or the gifts we get.

It’s about the gifts we receive all year long.

So this holiday, think about your Inner Santa. How can you spread the holiday cheer beyond your front door? Tap your Inner Santa and take a moment to believe in hope, kindness, and our fellow humans. It doesn’t take wrapping paper and it certainly doesn’t take money. All it takes is a moment.

From our family to yours – a safe and happy holiday season. We’re glad to call you friends.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.



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