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A Labor Day Wish From Our Family to Yours

Maybe you’re headed out of town. Maybe the best weekend you could imagine involves sitting on the couch with some football. Whatever your ideal Labor Day weekend holds in store, we want to send out wishes for a peaceful and safe weekend – from our family to yours.

This weekend, try a new restaurant in your home town – one that’s not part of a chain and run by people just like you. Stop by a locally run shop to pick up something you need in favor of those big box retailers that are so easy to access. Grab your produce at the farmer’s market instead of the grocery store. It’s Labor Day weekend, where we celebrate the American worker. All to often, we pass over those in our local communities in favor of the easy out at a larger store. This weekend, tell them you appreciate them and the dollars they bring into your community and for the contribution they make. It’s simple. It doesn’t take any more time than you would ordinarily spend. And it’s an incredible gesture.

If you’re in our neck of the woods, check out our local events calendar and get out an about. And no matter where you are, be safe, catch up on some sleep and celebrate that extra day with your friends and family.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.


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