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A Little Bird Told Us About Evolve Vacation Rental Network

So, we were stumbling around on Facebook the other day and saw an ad pop up about the frustrations of owning a vacation property. (Yes, we understand the frustrations.) We clicked (we never click). We arrived at a Facebook page for Evolve Vacation Rental Network. Hmmm…

We’re all aware of the big players in the vacation rental space like VRBO.com, AirBNB and HomeAway. But if you want to list your property on those sites, you have to manually list on all three. And on top of that, you still have to manage your own rental. Good, clean fun,isn’t it? Well, we’re still digging around, but by the looks of it, Evolve takes all of the manual labor out of owning a vacation rental for property owners. Here’s what we’ve figure out so far:

  • No fees to list (none!).
  • They do all of the marketing for you (everything from eBrochures to writing a property description).
  • They list your property on multiple sites, like VRBO and HomeAway (we like this).
  • They handle the bookings.
  • No monthly fees unless you receive a booking that month.
  • Flat 10% booking fee.
  • No contract.

We don’t see much downside in this platform so far and it appears they’re just getting started, but have a look for yourself. This isn’t an endorsement – we just wanted to share a cool resource for our readers and friends who own vacation properties. You can visit their Facebook page here and learn more about vacation rental capabilities for homeowners here.

We have our events calendar updated so have a look before you head out for the weekend. Have a safe one!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.


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