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A Very Merry Holiday from San Juan Realty, Inc.!

We’ll make it brief this week since you’re no doubt in the midst of your holiday celebrations with friends and family. We’re traveling ourselves this week and want to share a few tips for getting through the days ahead!

If you’re traveling where there is snow: be courteous to other drivers and take 3-4 extra minutes to brush the snow off the top of your car. When you’re stuck behind a car blowing snow on the roads, boy – it can create a hazard!

Christmas tree recycling: almost every town has a Christmas tree recycling program. Lighted your waste company’s load and only put your trees out on designated tree recycling days. Need more info? Call your local waste management company or civic recycling program for specifics.

Holiday clean-up: again be kind to your local waste management crews. Try not to overstuff alleyway dumpsters and strew loose trash curbside. Ration your disposal and keep streets and alleyways clean and spread it out over a few trash pickup days.

Warranties: keep track of those product and warranty registration cards from your season’s coolest gifts. Take 10 minutes, fill them out and send them off or submit them online to protect your purchases and gifts.

From us to you – a safe an joyous holiday. Ski if there’s snow, sing if there’s music and laugh when you have the chance…and even sometimes when you don’t.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

SJR December 24 2009

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