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And the rain came down – advice for surviving the rain

Well, there’s no doubt that Colorado’s has its fair share of rainstorms and yesterday’s was quite the doozy. Denver and Boulder areas saw up to 2 inches of rain inside of 45 minutes and not unlike many of the other valley regions in the state, were victims of flash flooding circumstances. If your home is faced with torrential rains, what do you need to do in order to play it safe?

  • Follow evacuation routes. If you’re in a flood prone area, make sure you get out when authorities tell you to get out.
  • Keeps a safety stash. Tupperware bins are great fro storing emergency supplies. Flashlights, towels, toilet paper, matches in ziploc bags, extra cash, photocopies of passports and other ID. Anything you might need, this is the place t them to stay.
  • Survey your home. If you have a basement, check for water seeping in. If you find flooding in a basement, tread with caution and shut off breakers leading to outlets in those areas before exploring and potentially wet areas.
  • Keep insurance information on hand. Know your coverage for floods and water damage. Make sure your homeowners or renters insurance is up to date each year to cover new acquisitions or changes in your home.
  • Get a baby gate. If you have stairways leading below ground level, a baby gate can keep children and pets above potential water levels. Use it to block off cellar and basement stairways.

Aside from rains, we hope you’re enjoying your summer! If you need something to do when you’re out and about, don’t forget about our local events calendar for the enture San Juan region. We’ll see you around town!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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