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Best News Yet: New Home Sales at a Peak!

We couldn’t believe it but we’re glad we saw it: new home sales are officially at a new high! After a year of sweating, the economy appears to be on the mend, and we’re simply delighted to share this news with you going into the holiday weekend.

Supply is always a huge concern when it comes to the real estate markets. We’re currently sitting around six months of inventory on the market – a stark contrast to over a year’s worth at this time last year. There’s no doubt the first time home buyer tax credit has done its part, but we’d like to extend a warm round of thanks to out clients as well as our fellow real estate professionals.

Clients are the life blood of our business. You’re what helps us pursue our passion for service. Our fellow real estate professionals near and far take their dedication to service to heart. Together, we can help this economy thrive. It’s a perfect holiday season combination, don’t you think? Superior service and a great clientele.

From our house to yours this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for you! The entire staff of San Juan Realty, Inc. is delighted that you stop by each week on our blog. If you’re in our neck of the woods, never hesitate to say hello (and be sure to read last week’s tips for holiday safety!)

Enjoy the holiday and we’ll see you next week.

The San Juan Realty, Inc. Family

SJR November 26 2009 (1)

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  1. jessica Says:

    Great site and layout. Good posts too.

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