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Great Gifts, Less Cash

Inspired by the Marketwatch story Outside the Box, the San Juan Realty Inc. family wanted to bring you some “non-traditional” gift ideas this holiday season. Here in the local Ridgway, Ouray, Montrose and Telluride communities, we’re a tight-knit set and the benefit of a helping hand is always welcome. You can hang up the car keys and put away the sale fliers from the local mall: here’s some soul food for thought as the holidays approach.

The Gift of Life – Register to be an organ donor or visit your local blood bank and donate a pint.

The Gift of Time – Look up local non-profit organizations in your community. The holidays are generally when they need your help most. An hour here and there might be small potatoes to you but it’ll beam the world to them!

The Gift of Companionship – Visit or call your local animal shelter and ask how you can help. Old towels sitting in your attic could mean a snuggle-fest for a friendly, furry creature waiting to find his forever home. Better yet, if you feel your family is prepared to be a pet owner, visit your local animal shelter instead of a pet store and find the newest member of your family!

The Gift of Warmth – Extra blankets, pillows and sleeping bags are gold to your local homeless shelter. Take a look in that linen closet and if you haven’t used it for over a year, fill up a box with your “surplus” linens and donate them to someone who can use them…tonight.

The Gift of Family – Have you considered Meals on Wheels? Reading to the elderly? Volunteering at your local hospital to read to children? Organizing a care package drive for our servicemen and women overseas? There aren’t too many people who will turn away the warmth and attention of a stranger’s kind hand during the holidays. Rack that brain of yours and see where you can help!

The Gift of Nourishment – The next time you’re at the grocery store, grab 5 extra cans of food. It will hardly hurt your bill but it will go miles to filling the grumbling stomachs of those who don’t have enough this holiday season. Many grocers have food drives right in the store – ask the manager or cashier!

The Gift of Memories – For your loved ones this holiday season, how about assembling a photo album? Chronicle your adventures over the past year, put together a collection of childhood photos for your college-going kiddos or give the grandparents a chronicle of their grandchildren from brith to present day. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to say “thanks for the memories” to those near and dear!

A very warm and safe holiday season to our Ouray, Montrose, Telluride and Ridgway CO neighbors. From real estate to really good ideas for heartwarming holiday gifts, our staff at San Juan Realty Inc. is ready and willing to help you see things through until the New Year!

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