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Deck the Halls: Holiday Decorating Tips for Renters and Homeowers

We’ll say it: the tree is already up. Lights are on the front porch and we tune in on occasion to our local radio station that’s switched format to all holiday music. I thought about something as we hung the decorations and put up the tree this past weekend: how do we keep the holidays from wreaking havoc on our house as it has in previous years? Tape on the walls, pine needles, nail holes, lights gone awry…I made a short list of things we’re doing this year that you might find useful whether you’re a homeowner or a renter. So deck the halls – and your house – with cautious and strategic abandon!

3M tape is great: we use this for displaying Christmas cards, and the 3M hooks are great for hanging wall decorations. Easy on, easy off and they can hold decorations with some weight to them A definite add to your decorating scheme for Christmas and any holiday. It’s also great for putting up lights inside (not outside) your windows – a great tip for renters!

A stick vacuum: If you’re going to have a live tree, you’re going to have needles on the floor. Make cleanup a no-brainer with one of those handy stick vacuums. You can use them while standing up and don’t have to crawl around on the floor like a hand vacuum. We have the Stick Shark, which pulls apart to use as both a stick vacuum and a hand vac.

Skip the tinsel: Cats and dogs like to eat it. It sheds. It’s a bear to clean-up. This year, save yourself the headache and skip the tinsel! Try some shiny icicle ornaments instead or flickering/blinking lights. Trust us: we know what we’re talking about on this one!

We’re wishing you a great holiday season and if you need something to keep you busy after the decorations are up, have a look at our local events calendar for Ouray, Montrose, Telluride and Ridgway.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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