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Downsizing America

According to a story over on CNN this week, Americans are walking away from the McMansion and gravitating towards smaller homes. We’re skipping the single-use rooms like movie and billiards rooms and opting towards other modern, more “daily living” type add-ons to home ownership. Dishwashers, central air conditioning, and garbage disposals – while already in many of our homes – are becoming widespread additions to homes in general.

The average square footage is also decreasing, showing a trend away from more sprawling homes to ones in a lowers square footage. Perhaps it’s America’s budget-minded sensibilities coming to surface! Smaller homes are less expensive to heat and cool and the money you save each month in mortgage costs can be put towards savings. Fewer bathrooms can mean less water usage and smaller lots mean less money spent on watering the lawn in summer months.

Downsizing isn’t all bad! As you can see, there are lots of money-saving advantages to paring it down a bit. But if you choose to stay on the bigger side of dwelling, there are still a ton of opportunities for cost savings in the long run. Stock up on energy-saving lighting fixtures and take that lawn to a xerascape focusing on low-water plants and rocks.

Now, if you need to get out fo the house this weekend, don’t forget to check out our local events calendar. We keep it up to date so you have the latest and greatest activities here in the San Juans ready and waiting!

Until next week – have a terrific weekend…

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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