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Fill Your Toolbox: Essentials for the DIYer

You’re pretty handy around the house (or you’d like to be). What kind of tools does the proficient DIYer (do-it-yourselfer) need in his or her toolbox? A single trip to your local home improvement warehouse store or Sears should have you taken care of in a jiffy for all those upcoming household projects.

Cordless Drill/Screw Gun: These are so affordable these days that it’s silly to not have one. For under $30 in many cases, you can get a high-powered, cordless model with a rechargeable battery that’s capable of handling any task you put in front of it. Use it as either a screw gun or drill.

Crescent Wrench: Adjustable wrenches are ideal for many household projects like simple plumbing tasks like showerhead and fixture replacement to getting those couplings secure on your gas clothes dryer or oven. A mid-size and a small size should do you fine (6″ and 10″).

Hammer: Great models come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re buying one to last, grab one with a fiberglass handle. It cuts down on vibrations to your hand and arm during long projects and they’re less likely to break than those with wooden handles.

Bucket: We know this doesn’t go in your toolbox, but it’s a handy thing to have around. From a carrying apparatus for all your project supplies to mopping the kitchen floor, get one that’s at least 12″ diameter so it’ll fit any mop you send its way.

Allen Keys/Wrenches: Pick up a standard and a metric set with a built-in carrying case or Swiss army-like keeper. You know what they’re handy for – just make sure they’re easy to find!

When you’re out and about shopping for your next home improvement project (or maybe even the tools above!), we invite you to check out our local events calendar. It’s filled with everything to do here in the San Juan region! We’ll see you next week – stay warm and safe.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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