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For Your Memorial Day Weekend: American Flag Etiquette

Memorial Day – a day to remember our country’s fallen heroes. Like many, you might choose to fly the American flag this weekend as a show of your support. We’ve put together a list of etiquette rules for those flying the flag, as we could all use a reminder on occasion on the proper handling of this symbol that we hold so dear. You can find more American flag etiquette at USHistory.org.

  • The flag should never touch the ground.
  • A flag should never have any other mark places upon it, like stickers, writing or other insignias.
  • If you fly the flags of more than one nation this weekend, they should be flown at equal height and on separate staffs, one never flying higher than the other.
  • If you’re hanging the flag in a window this weekend, place the blue union in the upper left corner of the window.

From the entire staff of San Juan Realty, Inc., we wish you a safe holiday weekend and thank those who have given their lives for this nation. Without their sacrifice, we wouldn’t today have the freedoms we hold so dear.

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