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Four Tips for Safe Holiday Home Decorating

Well, we have Halloween behind us and now it’s onward to the best and most festive the colder seasons have to offer us. Since we’re headed into days that are ripe for decorating and decking the halls, we wanted to share some tips that will keep you both safe and festive as we count down towards the New Year.

Check your light strands. While you might do this every year, this one is no different. We tend to hang decorative lights on flammable mountings, like trees and mantles, so an extra inspection is never a bad idea.

Unplug at night. Don’t just turn off any decorations that plug in. Go ahead and unplug them all the way to be on the safe side. And the upside? It takes the same amount of time and energy on your part to pull the plug as it does to flip the switch!

Hang out with your cooking. The holidays are tempting times to let your cooking slow roast while you head out to do other things. Take a moment to rearrange your schedule so that you’re not leaving ovens on while you’re away from the house. Food is just as much a part of holiday decorating as anything else, so keep it festive, delicious and safe!

Watch those pine needles! From table centerpieces to wreaths and trees, natural decorations can be fire hazards. Take care to keep them away from candles and other potentially flammable sources throughout the holidays, even if it means moving them from time to time.

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