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Getting that Garage in Check

Spring is coming and the garage has been buttoned up pretty tight all winter. Before the great weather sets in and you’re no where to be seen close to your home on the weekends, why not plan a much-needed home improvement project: organizing the garage. While garages used to be places for our cars (and carriages in the olden days), they’ve rapidly become catch-alls for everything we don’t want in our homes. We’ve put together an easy guide ┬áto help you get the garage back to being a car storage unit instead of a storage unit – and we hope you enjoy being able to put your cars back in the garage once again!

Get it out: Order a portable storage container from U-Haul, PODS, PackRat or other portable storage companies. They’ll leave it in your driveway and you can simply walk the unwanteds from the garage to the storage unit. Here’s a hint: have a bunch of boxes ready to collect all those things that aren’t keepers and don’t deserve space in your garage OR your storage unit.

Simple shelving: You’d be surprised how some simple shelving in your garage can help minimize the clutter. Heavy things on the bottom shelves, smaller and lighter things on top. Shelves are great places to store sporting goods, garden tools, gardening supplies, paint cans and more!

Bike hooks: Bikes can be stored by their rear wheels. This gets them up off the floor when not in use and easily accesible when you want to take a ride.

All of the above should take you no more than a half day at most. What are you waiting for? When you’re done, you can join us out and about. Just see what’s on the slate on our local events calendar. Be safe, enjoy home and hold tight for spring!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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