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Grow Your Own Stimulus Plan: Home Gardening Ideas

Well, grocery stores are catching on to the current economic climate and lowering prices. Some prices. But where can homeowners go for a little more relief these days? Why, it’s your own backyard! With summer just around the corner, why don’t you considering growing a little green instead of spending it with your very own home garden?

It only takes a little digging, some planting and patience. But where can you find resources on how to get your green thumb started on the right foot? 

How to Start a Vegetable Garden (eHow.com)

How to Prepare an Organic Vegetable Garden (eHow.com)

Growing Vegetables  Step-by-Step (Weekend Gardener)

By having a glimpse at these easy-to-follow articles as a start, you can put yourself well on the way to not only saving gas on grocery store trips, but saving green and going green at the same time! Did you know that one packet of about 40 tomato plant seeds costs about $3.75? I’m thinking that 40 plants can produce a lot more than 3 lbs of store-bought tomatoes for the same price!

You may want to talk with your neighbors about starting a community garden for your neighborhood. Not only is it great time spent with friends and neighbors when maintaining the garden, but it’s a group effort for the common good. There’s nothing that’s not stimulating about that! And just think about how much more attractive your neighborhood will be to prospective buyers when you’ve got a wonderful cooperative project like a garden. Curb appeal is great and it catches the buyer’s eye – but it’s the details that always seal the deal.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

Homes in Ridgway, Ouray, Montrose and Telluride CO from San Juan Realty Inc.

Homes in Ridgway, Ouray, Montrose and Telluride CO from San Juan Realty Inc.

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