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Happy New Year from San Juan Realty, Inc.!

It’s bright, it’s early…it’s 2010! The entire staff of San Juan Realty wishes you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

This week, we put together some light reading for you – our top 5 to start of 2010. Five simple things you can do to make this year a great one:

  1. Be proactive. Taxes, property taxes, insurance premiums, mortgage payments. If you can set up automatic payments, do it. If you can get taxes paid and out of the way, do it. Never scramble for deadlines again.
  2. Be a good neighbor. When’s the last time you chatted with your neighbor? While no one likes a “nosey neighbor,” an alert one is a gift. Watch one another’s houses when you’re on vacation, share the load for the school bake sale, hold joint yard sales. It’s all waiting for you next door.
  3. Water less. Go green this year and only use what you need. Upgrade your landscaping to water-friendly plants, shrubs and rocks. Keep grass in accent areas, but save your water build and work towards a better planet.
  4. Switch to CFL lights. Compact fluorescent bulbs use a fraction of the energy of a regular incandescent bulb. Switch out the bulbs inside and outside the house and plan for long-term savings.
  5. Be a fan. Or install one. Ceiling fans work year-round to circulate both warm and cool air. Change the blade direction in the winter by flipping a little switch and your home can change from chilly to pleasant in minutes. Keep air flowing and energy bills down.

All the best from the staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.! Make it a great 2010.

SJR December 31 2009


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