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Home Staging Tips for Sellers and Agents

It’s time to put the house on the market and move up and onward – but how do you give your home the best chance for standing out in the sea of homes for sale? Visual appeal is everything and home staging is the key.

Aside from lot value, location, schools and the other practical side of things, potential buyers looking at a home want to know one thing: do they see themselves living there? It’s all about making your house their home, and if you follow a few simple tips, you can help those buyers think that your house is the place they’d like to call “no place like home!”

  • Sunlight – it’s free and around every day. Think about opening draperies and blinds and letting Mother Nature brighten-up your rooms. Dark rooms have little curb appeal.
  • Clutter – if it takes two hours, so be it, but rally the family and have a group clean-up mission! Grab some of those big plastic bins at Target or Home Depot and use those as a collection point. Assign one bin per room, which means you may find yourself already having packed a little bit when moving day comes!
  • Hire a Pro – maid, that is. For $100 or so, have a housecleaning service come in an clean the place top to bottom. They’ll get into nooks and crannies that you never knew existed. You’ll be surprised what buyers look for – we use our most critical eye when looking at potential homes. Give your buyers nothing to wrinkle their nose at!
  • Kitchen Spic-and-Span – instead of storing things on countertops, clear them off and stow away all those small appliances. We tend to keep quite a bit up top and in reach. Try putting some things away to add to a crisp, clean feel for your kitchen. Don’t get messy with the stashing, though. Kitchen connoisseurs will open up cabinets to check for storage space, so throwing things out of sight isn’t necessarily out of mind.

And a reminder – stay up to date on the latest here in the San Juan region with San Juan Realty, Inc.’s local event calendar. We update it daily  – check it out and get out and about!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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