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How to Be a Better Neighbor

We post tips for home improvement and home buyers and sellers all the time, but we felt it was high time to talk to all of our clients and readers who are happy staying put just where they are. Most of us have neighbors and pass one another on our neighborhood streets each and every day. What can we do to be a better neighbor to the people we share fences and street lights with? We had these thoughts and hope you’ll enjoy them, sharing them with a neighbor or two yourself. If we live this close, why not make the most of it?

  • Set up a neighborhood sharing program: Someone once told me that the average drill is only used a total of 14 hours in its lifetime. So why do we each own one? Through websites like NeighborGoods.net, communities can set up private sharing and rental programs so you all spend less but have access to more.
  • Hold community yard sales: Let’s face it – we all have some junk that we’d love to get out of the garage, basement, attic or living room. Set up a twice-a-year community yard sale and everyone, no matter how much or little they have to sell or give away, will have a placeĀ and means to do so.
  • Create a community newsletter: No matter where you live, there are things going on with local events, schools, the local government and people in general. Make it easy for people to share this information and get the scoop with a simple community newspaper. Send it out once a month or even build a simple blog online to share it if you want to cut down on paper waste.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.


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