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Making and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

The year 2012 still feels fresh and new for us, and we feel inspired to make changes in our lives. How about you? Have you made any New Year’s resolutions this year? You may be hoping to sell your home at a great price, buy a new home that feels just right, or make a profitable real-estate investment. You may be working on non-real-estate goals, too—personal, family, career, financial, or spiritual. Whatever our goals, the hopeful energy of a new year can help propel us towards them.

Most of us have had trouble keeping resolutions in the past. Not to worry–help is here! We’ve found lots of great advice for making and keeping all kinds of resolutions, from the common to the super-specific. Here’s the best New Year’s resolution advice we’ve found on the web:

  • It’s all too easy to make the same resolution everyone is making, or to resolve to change something you think you “should” change. PsychCentral points out that you’re more likely to keep your New Year’s resolutions if you choose ones that truly matter to you. Their blog post, “9 Tips for Setting Authentic New Year’s Resolutions,” will guide you through choosing resolutions that really match your values and desires.
  • There’s no need to change your resolutions for the sake of being different, though. If the New Year’s resolution you really want to make is a common one, go for it! In fact, the Mayo Clinic’s blog is here to help you. In this post, their experts tell you how to get started with three classic resolutions: lowering stress, losing weight, and quitting smoking.
  • Pamela Yellen of The Huffington Post named her article “Seven Tips for Keeping Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions,” but her advice can help you reach any kind of goal. Whether you want to buy a great new home, get out of debt, lose weight, or be more patient with your children, her tips will help you stay on track.


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