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On the Eve of the New Year

Okay, we know New Year’s Eve is actually tomorrow, but we publish our blog on Thursdays. So it’s OUR New Year’s Eve with you! How will we celebrate? How about by sharing some things we’ve been thankful for during 2010?

To begin with, we’re extremely thankful for our families. Each of us here at San Juan Realty, Inc. wouldn’t be able to do what we do each and every day if it weren’t for their support. So we’re extremely thankful for everything they bring into our lives, personally and professionally.

We’re also thankful for those who help our clients enjoy smooth homebuying and selling experiences throughout the year. This means our inspectors, title companies, lenders, fellow Realtors, appraisal firms and more. We thank you for being the professionals you are and adding to the joy that is home ownership for all of us.

Finally, we’re very thankful for YOU. Whether you’re a current client, homeowner, future homebuyer or just a visitor to these parts every now and then, we appreciate you. You are OUR economy. You keep local businesses thriving. You ARE local business. And many of you are truly our friends. So thank you. We look forward to getting to know you better as the years go on!

Be sure to stop by our local events calendar to see what’s going on for the New Year holiday in our neck of the woods. Wishing you and yours a peaceful, safe New Year from the entire family at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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