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Quick Holiday Safety Tips for Homeowners

With the holidays lurking just around the corner, we want to remind you this week about some simple things you and yours can do to keep the holiday season as safe as possible. We’re running around, traveling, cooking and on some days we don’t know which end is up. This is just a short guide for those short on time – some holiday safety tips for homeowners (and even renters) everywhere:

Holiday Safety Tips

Cooking: We know there’s a ton to bake and roast, but take caution when leaving things to cook when not home. Baking and anything using the oven? It’s better to be in-residence. If you need to cook when you’re away, a crock pot is a great choice since it has a timer and cooks on a low heat. Make sure cords are in good condition with no exposed wires and remember to keep items other than pots and pans off your stove’s burners when using the oven underneath. Those burners get hot!

Decorations: From your tree to tinsel, keep an eye out. Animals are prone to eating tinsel and the sharp plastic edges can wreak havoc on their digestive tract with cuts and cause bleeding (a year-round no-no). If you have a real tree, keep it watered and moist to lessen fire risk and make sure that lights are in good condition without frayed wires before stringing on the tree. Keep all types of trees away from fireplaces and candles. Got kids? Keep holiday ornaments high enough up on the tree so that little hands aren’t tempted!

Enjoy the winter and we’ll see you next week right before the holiday. Need something to do? Don’t forget to check out our local events calendar!

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