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Real Estate News

Real Estate News from the San Juans

It’s no secret – we think we have our own little slice of heaven here in the mountains of Colorado! The beauty of the San Juans, from the Alpenglow to the snow-crested views of winter really have us blessed. If you’ve made this region your home, we know we don’t have to sell you on all of the wonderful things that make living in the San Juans worthwhile. What we like to do is keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the rest of the world and be your eyes and ears for the real estate markets. This week, we have a few interesting stories we came across – we do the reading and bring you what we like the best. Saves time, and hey-that’s what good neighbors do!

Fastest Growing Counties in America: Wonder what’s going on in your hometown or where your sister lives? CNN just released news on what the hottest areas are for growth in the United States. Who knows – the next time you sit down at the family reunion, there might be more to talk about than you thought (and it might explain all the new neighbors you suddenly have!).

Joint Property – Who Decides? We thought this was an interesting article as it’s an issue people rarely talk about. What do you do if you jointly own property and one party no longer wants to own it? Definitely worth a read and it stresses the importance of a good attorney when it comes to drafting your legal paperwork.

High Beams at Low Voltage: Are you overlooking solar power in your home? This is a great, short read that highlights how low-voltage landscape lighting can beautify your grounds AND save you money in the process. A win-win, if you ask us! (Sellers – are you listening?)

Don’t forget to bookmark our local events calendar – we keep it updated with the latest news from Montrose, Ridgway, Telluride and Ridgway. Stay cool, enjoy the summer and we’ll see you next week!

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