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Reasons We Love Our Homes

Something we’ve learned over the years as real estate professionals is buying a home isn’t necessarily about the house itself. It’s a place where families will begin and grow. Where memories get made. It’s where we’ll work on cars in the garage or driveway that our teenage kids will help rebuild (or where we’ll insist they learn how to change the oil before they get a drivers license). It’s where swingsets will go up in backyards, front walkways will ice over and we’ll slip, and where paint colors don’t turn out how they looked in the store and we laugh all the way back to Home Depot.

This week, we wanted to talk about all the things that make a house a home, so when you’re looking for your next house, you can have a solid list in mind. We rarely think about these things, but now’s as good a time as any to start.

Storage Space: For toys, books, clothes. How much do you need? Is there a garage? Can you use basement and attic space? Will you have to renovate/convert? Why pay for a storage unit when increasing your mortgage cost by the same amount each month will give you a bigger home with the right space to suit your needs.

Kid Space: How’s the backyard? What do the closets look like in their potential rooms? Are nursery spaces close enough to the master bedroom? What’s the carpet like in the play areas? Are there any stand-out hazards for an active, young family?

Community: Sometimes the things that make a home a home are outside the front door. What’s the Neighborhood like? Are there community areas? Parks in walking distance? A recreation center or regular grocery store that everyone goes to…How far away are schools and the office?

We really like our community here in the San Juans and hope that when you’re in search of your next home, you’ll take a look at this list and use it to help guide you to the perfect home! And when you’re out and about, check our local events calendar for the latest goings on in the area.

We’ll see you next week – stay warm!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

Triangle Subdivision Lot 1 Ridgway Colorado

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