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Renovate Now? Three Reasons to Spruce-Up Your Home

Colorado’s in a cold snap and that means one of two things: we’re staying inside or we’re headed out to hit the slopes for some snow-flavored fun! If you’re huddling-up for warmth, now might just be the time to think about some of those renovations you were planning. If you’re already a homeowner or landlord, the current market probably dictates that you won’t be making a move anytime soon. That makes NOW the prime time for renovations. We’ve put together three reasons you might want to get those improvements rolling instead of waiting.

Reason 1: Eager Contractors. Current market conditions mean less people are having work done. With purse strings pulled tight, you’ll have a good chance of finding contractors who will do the work for less than they usually would in order to keep making their bottom line. Get bids and see what the going rate is. You can even ask for cash discounts if you’re in that kind of position.

Reason 2: Lower Costs. Everything seems to be on sale or cost less these days – just take a walk through the aisles of Home Depot or Lowe’s to see what we’re talking about. Lumber is lower, fixtures are on sale and by moving forward, you couldĀ be walking into a considerable savings to make your home the haven you’ve always wanted.

Reason 3: It’s Cheaper to Keep Your Home Than to Trade Up. While your Realtor can always be on the lookout for steals below market value, you’ve probably got a pretty good rate on your current mortgage. If you figure out expenses in the long run, you’re going to be losing that low rate when/if you decide to trade-up in a few years. Forging ahead with the master bath of your dreams may cost you less now than trading up into that home that already has it in place.

We hope you’re staying warm as we move into February. It seems like it was just the new year! If you need ideas on what to do around town, don’t forget to check our local events calendar or simply stop by the office and say hello while you’re out and about. We love to meet our neighbors!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

SJR Website February 3 2011


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