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Rumblings of Expanded Tax Relief: First-Time Home Buyer Credit

Marketwatch reported this week that the Democratic Leadership Council has recommended that the $8,000 first time home buyer credit be expanded to all buyers, not just those who qualify under the first time buyer provisions. As movement in the real estate market is crucial to getting the economy rolling again, we couldn’t be more delighted if this idea actually made its way into reality. 

We work with our clients and the local community to not only make the most of the current economy but plan for future economies in any shape and form. The first time home buyer credit has been a blessing to many of our clients and we can only see it  as a plus if the initiative were expanded. Though the article stated that the incentive, if broadened, may only apply to this tax year in order to add a sense of urgency for its use, we know many a buyer who would jump at the chance to trade-up, trade-in or just make the jump into an investment property.

If you have thoughts on how you’d like to see the government bring some stimulus to the real estate market, we’d love to hear from you! Until then, our staff is here to help you with any of your needs in the greater San Juan region when it comes to real estate. With summer upon us, we’re basking in the beauty that only the San Juans can bring!

The Staff of San Juan Realty, Inc.

Homes in Montrose CO, Ouray CO, Ridgway CO and Telluride CO from San Juan Realty Inc.

Homes in Montrose CO, Ouray CO, Ridgway CO and Telluride CO from San Juan Realty Inc.

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