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Selling Your Home: Prepping for the Winter Holidays

There are so many things on a homeowner’s slate when it comes to prepping for the winter holiday season. This week, we’re going to focus on those homeowners with homes on the market during the busy winter holiday season.

Selling your home during the other seasons of the year usually involves keeping your lawn manicured and hedges trimmed, but the winter holidays present and especially challenging set of circumstances! From tracked-in snow to keeping your driveway and walks shoveled, how can you make sure your home is in tip-top winter showing condition?

  • Grab a snowblower: Instead of shoveling off your driveway multiple times a week, make quick work of it on showing days by borrowing or investing in a snowblower. If you’re moving to a place¬†with sunny skies, you can even throw it into the sale for the new owners!
  • Grab an extra rug: Put a low-cost yet stylish rug inside your main entrance door (preferably dark in color) to sop-up tracked-in snow. If you have light-colored carpets, you might even want to offer complimentary slippers for visiting agents/brokers and their clients to enjoy, showing them that you’re keeping your home in immaculate condition until it becomes their home.
  • Skip the holiday lights: You never know the cultural practices of the families who might be considering purchasing your home. While your house is up for sale, skip the holiday lights and instead, focus on celebratory, yet culturally-neutral exterior decorations like a plain pine wreath. Indoors, of course, you should keep on celebrating, yet keep the interior decorations more Martha Stewart than Grizwold Family Vacation!
If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the winter here in the San Juans, check out our local events calendar. And until next week – which is Thanksgiving (so we’ll see you on Wednesday instead!) – we wish you warmth and cheer.

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