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Six Online Behavior Tips for Homeowners

We’re getting more and more involved in the social side of things here at San Juan Realty, Inc. and thought it was time to share some of the things we’ve learned along the way. With so many tools available for us to share with friends and those in our network where we are and what we’re doing, should we be using caution when using those tools? Most certainly. So here are some best practice tips for homeowners (and anyone, frankly) when it comes to the social apps and sites you use.

Location-based apps: Anything like FourSquare, GoWalla or Facebook Places lets you check in at physical locations and share with your contacts where you are. While great for social settings, remember to never establish your home, condo or apartment as a check-in location. Also, never connect with strangers on these networks – too much information can get around too quickly for these to be safe moves.

Photos: When you post photos online in places like Facebook, make sure you don’t have your house number or license plate showing. It just makes good sense.

Traveling: If you’re headed out of town, it might be best to keep that information to yourself online. If people can see your Twitter feed and know you’re not home, all that’s left is for them to get around the alarm. If you have one, that is.

Children’s Photos: It’s great to be proud of your kids and nieces, nephews and grandchildren, but be careful of the photos you post. Pictures with team names, last names and other key information can be used by predators to get them closer to their prey. It’s best to stick with family and fun photos!

We hope this helps you think twice about your online social life while not stifling it too much. When you unplug for the weekend and head out, be sure to check our local events calendar for things to do all throughout the San Juan region! We’ll see you again next week – stay safe and cool.

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