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Snowed In? Some Keep-Busy Home Improvement Ideas!

Well, it’s a sparkling 2 F here in Ridgway, Colorado. While the sun is shining, we’re pretty set on staying indoors and out of the cold. As I sat on the sofa this morning, I thought to myself, “Well, I can’t just sit here all day!” I got to thinking about some any-weather home improvement projects I could get my hands into (and keep myself off my wife’s nerves). Here’s a simple list that I came up with – maybe it’ll help you beat those snowy day blues, too!

  • Bathroom: Recaulking windows, bathtubs and toilets. I’d noticed that the caulking was getting a bit cracked in places. This is the perfect cold-weather project and takes care of something I’d otherwise miss in favor of the great outdoors and the golf course.
  • Kitchen: Grout repair. In between a few tiles, the grout has cracked or broken loose. What better way to spend the afternoon than a few minutes patching grout after my wife’s set something to cook in the crock pot? Keeps foot traffic in repair areas minimal and another Honey Do ticked off my list. (And I get fed at the end!)
  • Basement: Draft repair. Well, it’s cold enough outside to identify where those pesky drafts might be coming from. With one trip to the home improvement store, I can pick up grout, caulking and some plastic sheeting and tape. I’m also going to grab some of that spray foam insulation (ask for it in the paint section and they’ll point you in the right way). That way, if I find gaps in the brick down below that need filling, a quick squirt will fix a draft in no time.

The Ouray Ice Festival is in town this weekend and if you’re in our neck of the woods, say hello! Stay warm, stay busy and we’ll see you next week…

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

SJR January 7 2010


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