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Spring Cleaning to Sell Your Home Faster

What is spring cleaning? In times past, when rugs were cleaned by beating them outdoors, and poor ventilation made houses feel musty and stuffy during the winter, spring cleaning was the time to open the windows, clear out the dust, and let the fresh air in. Now that we have elaborate HVAC systems, vacuum cleaners, and installed wall-to-wall carpets, spring cleaning is not so big a deal. Still, it’s nice to have a regular time to take care of big cleaning and home maintenance tasks, like vacuuming under big peices of furniture, clearing the dust from window coverings, and repairing holes in tile grout. Of course, you don’t have to do all this at the start of spring. If you’re just putting your home on the market, it’s a great time for spring cleaning, whatever the time of year. There are many styles of spring cleaning:

The Quickie

This post from Good Housekeeping gives tips on fast cleaning fixes that make a big impact, along with gadgets that can make your cleaning tasks easier. This is a good plan to run to if you’ve got potential buyers on their way over today or tomorrow.

Cleaning Every Nook and Cranny

With this downloadable PDF from Martha Stewart Living, you have an annual deep-cleaning and home repair plan all laid out for you. If you’re just starting to stage your home to sell, this clear and thorough list will get your entire house in top shape before showings begin. Besides clearing every bit of dust and grime, room by room, you’ll learn to make basic repairs like patching tile grout and fixing damaged window screens. Martha Stewart can help you get your home into tip-top shape to sell fast.

Making Your Own Spring Cleaning Plan

Maybe neither the quickie plan nor the no-hold-barred, clean everything spring cleaning feels right for you. You can easily come up with your own plan, between the extremes, by following this post from The Money Crashers Blog. It will walk you through planning, assembling people to help you, gathering supplies, and finding time to get it all done.

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