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Spring Cleanup: Get Your Yard in Order

Given it’s the tail end of tax season, we were going to write a post about getting those last minute homeowners deductions on your returns. But since we’re pretty sure you’re tired of hearing about how the tax man’s come and gone for yet another season, why don’t we help you get the yard in tip-top shape for summertime fun.

Winter can do a real number on the yards we work so hard to maintain three out of four seasons a year. When the snow and ice melt, nothing’s more disheartening than looking out to see a huge expanse of brown where there once was green. We’ll help you get things back to their preferred, thriving state in a few simple steps:

Revive the green: If your grass has seen better days, get out an old fashioned rake and rough up the soil where the dead grass is. If you feel like it, you can even run the lawnmower over the area with the bag attached to vacuum-up the loose dead grass you’ve raked up. Then, arm yourself with some grass seed or Scott’s Turf Builder Easy Seed. We like it because the color of the product tells you if it needs water or not! (Easy)

Renew the bloom: Did you lose some plants in your yard due to an especially harsh winter? The soil should be prime to get those dead plants and shrubs out of there and get some heartier ones in.Grab plants and shrubs by the base and give them a good tug. Prior to planting new ones, be sure to grab some potting soil to freshen up their future home with some healthy dirt. They’ll thank you for it!

Gutters: Sometimes the snowmelt can pull gutters loose from roofs and building sides. Give your home a good walkaround and make sure everything’s neatly attached before the spring rains come through.

When you’re out enjoying the gorgeous spring weather, be sure to stop by our local events calendar to see what’s going on in the San Juans. We love meeting our neighbors and look forward to seeing you out and about in town.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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