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2012 Home Trends: What They Mean to Sellers

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

The word is out on the home building and remodeling trends for 2012. If you’re selling your home, knowing what buyers are looking for can help you plan your strategy. Is the home improvement you’re considering likely to pay off when you sell? What can you do to make your home more attractive to buyers? A look at the latest trends can help you decide. Here are the top trends being talked about today:

• Greener homes: Energy efficiency and sustainability are big home trends now. Real estate agent Rose Price reports that buyers are looking for sustainable building materials, green building practices, and savings on their energy bills. Investments in insulation, windows, and more efficient appliances will pay off when you sell your home.

• Great fakes: Larry Bilotti of the Bob Vila home-improvement blog reports that real wood and stone flooring, tiles, decking, and countertops are out, and tougher, less expensive, and often more sustainable fakes are in. Look for hard-wearing, easy-care vinyls and laminates that mimic beautiful marble, granite, wood grain, and more.

• Easy homes to move around in: The Baby Boomer generation is populous, relatively wealthy, and ready to retire, so it makes up a large portion of today’s homebuyers. As this generation chooses homes they plan to grow old in, they are looking for amenities that make life easier for people with limited mobility. Think about walk-in showers, grab bars in bathrooms, and one-story home layouts.

• Smart technology: Both the Bob Vila blog and the ReliableRemodeler.com blog report that buyers are favoring homes wired with the latest technology. Programmable thermostats, high-tech kitchen workstations, and remote controls for lights, shades, fans, and appliances are big attractions now.

• Modernization matters: According to this real estate report from TribLocal, home sellers can no longer get away with outdated floor plans, kitchens, or bathrooms. Beyond making basic repairs, you’ll need to keep everything looking current in order to stay competitive. Recent fixtures, appliances, carpeting, and paint colors make a big difference in your home’s value now.

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