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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Renters and Homeowners

The holidays are all about family. Gathering our loved ones, sharing meals, memories and conversations.

But safety? Bah – fugghedaboudit!

Wrong. Did you know that cooking accidents are one of the top reasons people make claims against their homeowner and renter insurance policies? This year, skip the claims adjuster and follow these tips for having a festive yet SAFE Thanksgiving celebration with those you love:

  1. Don’t cook unattended. Sure, that pesky bird might take hours to roast, but don’t go running errands or running a family touch football game without someone holding down the fort. Err on the side of your dinner being ready too early rather than too late – even if you beat meal time by over an hour or two, thirty minutes at low heat in the oven will bring every back to table-ready temps without the stress of blowing-up your kitchen.
  2. Take those grills and deep fryers outside! Your insurance company won’t want to hear about how cold it was if something goes awry with your grilled or fried bird. If it’s completely unbearable, go out in the garage and keep the door at least halfway open. It might be cold, but it’s better than suffocating or having an untimely accident involving a grill or fryer in your home.
  3. Hanging lights? Take the time to ensure that (1) all your lights are designed for outdoor use, and (2) that you’ve inspected and tested every strand. An extra half hour with your eyes on the supplies will help prevent potential fires caused by exposed wires and lights that were never meant to be used outside.

From the entire San Juan Realty staff, we wish you a delicious and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

SJR November 19 2009

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