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Real Estate News

The Best in Real Estate News from Around the Web

We do a lot of reading here at San Juan Realty, Inc., and when we stumble across articles that we think you might like, we take note. Sure – we’re deep in the real estate industry and can find the news but how much time do you have to read as much as we do? This week, we’ve assembled a “best of the web” for your reading (and clicking) pleasure and hope you enjoy everything from news on the debt ceiling to a fairy tale home up for sale in the LA area.

Walt Disney’s Whimsical Los Feliz Home for Sale (have a peek inside!)

Where things stand in the debt ceiling crisis in Washington (a good read to get you up to speed)

An unexpected rise in pending home sales (good news, for sure!)

Need to get those taxes straight? Now’s the time: an inside look at the best accounting tools online.

Fannie May Changes All-Cash Financing Options (good read for investors)

As the weekend approaches, we hope you have some fun in store. We always have our local events calendar full of ideas for summer fun and wish you and yours a safe and enjoyable weekend. See you next week!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.


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