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The Economy, Geography, and a Different Housing Challenge

It’s a different kind of housing conundrum: a North Dakota town where business is booming, but people don’t have enough places to live. Williston, ND is America’s next oil boomtown, welcoming over 6,000 job seekers from across the country in the past year. The downside? Only 2,000 housing units are available in the area and big corporations have come in, booking all of the drivable hotel space. So the workers do the best they can, living in makeshift housing and taking up residence in RVs parked in the local Walmart parking lot.

We thought that for a Friday, this was a completely different side of the housing story, as people are looking in a town that’s prospering and there is simply no supply. It’s a humbling moment, when people are coming from across the country to a place with paying wages and available jobs and they’re faced with a different housing challenge entirely. While the city is catching up as fast as they can, the majority of workers and their families are making do in these temporary housing situations with little privacy and a lot of shared space.

How does your community stack up? Are there more For Rent signs than For Sale signs and what do market rates look like in your neck of the woods?

We thought you’d enjoy a different kind of housing story with a different perspective and we hope you also enjoy the weekend ahead. Happy fall and enjoy the leaves, wherever they might land.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.



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