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Three Holiday Tips for Homeowners

We know, we know: it’s the holidays. How many times do we have to say it? Well, this week, we’re saying it again. It’s that time fo year we get pretty caught up in the hullabaloo and some of the thing we need to pay attention to go by they wayside. This week, we’re going to gently remind you of those things to make sure that everything is on the up and up and you won’t be sidelined by unexpected holiday season surprises.

Homeowner’s Insurance: Are you up to date? If you’ve added anything hefty to your home, like a big screen television or major renovations like a new kitchen or updated plumbing or light fixtures, you might need to up your homeowner’s policy coverage. With the holidays offering potentials for decorating mishaps like candles and electrical wiring, don’t leave yourself out in the cold.

Local Emergency Services: Do you live in a subscription-for-service area? Do you have the right numbers to call handy? Take care of the small things so that you never have to worry in case of an emergency.

Smoke Detectors: Have you tested them? Are they working and are the batteries good? It takes 5 minutes to do a whole house. We think it’s 5 minutes well-spent. It’s also a good time to open and close all your windows to ensure they’re not stuck in case you need to make a hasty escape!

We’re always wishing you the warmest and most joyous holiday season and we hope to make your acquaintance when you’re in the area. Be sure to stop by our local events calendar as well for everything going on throughout the San Juans this holiday!

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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