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Tips for Holiday Travel

Every one of our clients and friends takes a few trips throughout the year. Whether you’re hopping in the car or a jet plane doesn’t matter – what matters is that you get where you’re going and enjoy the entire process! With airport security being beefed-up and unfamiliar places offer us pause before we head out to enjoy, here’s a list of safety tips to get you from point A to fun, no matter where your journeys take you.

Make security lines simple: Wear slip-on shoes or boots, have those laptops out (did you know that iPads can stay in their cases?), have your 1-quart bag of toiletries ready to lay on top of everything in the bin and don’t travel wearing heavy jewelry or belt buckles. Your friends in line behind you will appreciate how conscientious you are!

Get the app: If you have a smartphone like an Android or iPhone, you can download an app called TripIt. Use it to track all of your travel information, from flights to hotels and rental cars (even dinner reservations!). It will even tell you if your flight is going to be delayed. Oh – and the best part? It’s a free app!

Check the local flavor: If you’re traveling to a new country, grab yourself one of the fabulous travel guides from companies like Lonely Planet or Fodor’s. Getting up to speed on local customs is pretty fun stuff and can make a plane trip whiz by. Not only that, but it’s a practice that will help you enjoy your destination all the more.

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