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Tips for Moving into Your First Home

If you’ve just bought your first house, congratulations! You may be moving from an apartment to a house, or moving a rental house to one that’s all yours to decorate and remodel as you see fit. You’ll have a lot to decide as you move in and make the house your own, and that can feel both exciting and daunting. Here are some first home buyers tips to help you through the transition:

Budget for things you’ll need to buy to make a house a home. You’ve surely planned for all of the obvious costs of owning your own home, including closing costs, insurance, monthly mortgage payments, and utility bills. There are a few more things you’ll need to add, though. Many first home buyers are surprised to discover how many items they need to own as a homeowners, but never thought of when they were renting—especially those moving from an apartment complex to a house with a yard and driveway and front walk of its own. You’ll need a snow shovel or snowblower, a lawn mower and trimmer,  window coverings, tools for home repairs, and more. This post from the Home Buying/Selling Channel on About.com walks you through the basic items you’ll need to budget for. Beyond these, of course, you’ll also want to plan for any remodeling you’d like to do, plus any new furniture you’ll want to buy.

Before you move, simplify your belongings. There’s no need to buy all of these items before you move in. In fact, your move will be easier the less you own on the day of the move. Start planning the move as early as you can. Give away, sell, or throw away anything that you won’t want to keep in your new house. These first home buyer tips from Mayflower Transit will help you plan what to toss and what to pack.

Pack a survival kit for your first few days in your new house. When you’re packing for your move, keep the essentials for your first few days close at hand. In your first load, bring clearly labeled, easy-to-unpack boxes packed survival items like keys, flashlights, cups, plates, basic food, bedding, cleaning supplies…well, you’ll need quite a few items to keep yourself and your family comfortable while you unpack, and if this is your first move of this size, you’ll need a guide to keep you from overlooking something. This post from the Simple Mom blog is that guide. If you keep these essentials handy, you’ll be more relaxed about unpacking everything else.

Take your time deciding on major purchases. Once you’re moved in, HGTV’s post, “6 Tips for Decorating Your First Home” will help you personalize your new home with new furniture and décor. Their best suggestion is this: Take your time deciding what to add to your first house. Live in your home for at least two months before making major furniture, appliance, and decorating purchases. This way, you’ll be able to furnish your home for the way you actually live, not just what you’d imagined before you moved in. Let your home grow around you over time.

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