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Tips for Selling in Tough Markets

Sometimes needs must – the house has to go on the market when the market isn’t optimal. But how do you get people in the door when there are plenty of properties competing with yours for buyer eyes? It’s time to be pragmatic and do everything you can to set your home apart from the others, and with this handy checklist, you can be sure that you’re doing all you can to increase traffic and decrease on-market time.

Hire a Professional Stager: That’s right. There are people who specialize in making homes on the market look beautiful for open houses and photos. Speak to your real estate agent about finding one in your area. The cost is certainly offset by the professional input to make your space as inviting as possible.

Price Competitively: Have your realtor run the comps and set your price in the no-argue zone. If other homes like yours have sold for $250,000, price yours below that. Know what your current market can bear and be ready to negotiate.

Incentives: Are you willing to contribute to closing costs? Offer new appliances or a flooring allowance? All these can bring more buyers to your door in a tight market. List them in the property description in the MLS so they’re up-front. Buyers love incentives.

Online Savvy: Have your realtor put together a virtual tour that gives prospective buyers one more thing to look at when reviewing homes. If you’re using a home stager, it’s an ideal time to have the virtual tour shot.

When you’re driving around and looking for your next dream home, have a look at our local events calendar for all the local not-to-be-missed events throughout the San Juans. We love seeing our neighbors out and about and hope you’re enjoying the spring as much as we are.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

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