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Tips for Summertime: Homeowner Delight

This week, we’re going to review a short list of tips for making summertime living a bit more bearable no matter where it is you call home. We enjoy the most incredible weather here in the San Juans of Colorado, and we’re looking to bring you a bit of OUR summertime bliss:

  • Conserving energy – keep those electric bills from going sky high by installing a programmable thermostat. Set it to turn off when you leave for work and turn on 30 minutes before you generally return home. A comfortable temperature will keep pets and plants safe and cool.
  • Home gardens – a great way to control grocery store costs, spend some time outside and brighten up your yard! Try herbs and easy to grow plants like tomatoes and beans if you’re looking to try your hand at gardening for the kitchen.
  • Ceiling fans – keep that air flowing. You can save on cooling costs with a few strategic portable fans in your home. Point one at the sofa while you watch TV, have one in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner. They take less electricity to run than the A/C and the newer models are whisper quiet, too!
  • Water, Water, Water – keep those water bills lower by watering you lawn before dawn or in the late evening hours. Evaporation is less and your grass and plants will have plenty of time to drink in the much-needed water prior to it evaporating in the summer sun.

The Staff at San Juan Realty, Inc.

SJR July 23 2009


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