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Winterize Your Home: Tips to Save Money this Winter

If you’re here in Colorado, you know that winter has made an early appearance this year! We’re helping you warm-up with five easy-to-implement money-saving home winterizing tips. You can even put them into action without leaving the house! Bundle-up in front of your space heater or fire. Let’s see how we can keep the green in your pocket while keeping your toes warm.

  1. Ceiling Fans: Run them in reverse. While you might only think of your ceiling fans as having spring and summer benefit, flipping the switch on making them run in reverse will yield year0round benefits. the clockwise motion helps push the warm air at the ceiling back down to the living area, warming up a room. Be sure to keep the fan on the lowest possible setting.
  2. Turn down your water heater. How high is that thing cranked? If you haven’t already done so, lowering the temperature on your water heater to around 120 degrees can help lower your water heating costs. We don’t need water that’s 140 degrees for baths and showers.
  3. Get a tune-up. Your heating and A/C systems can benefit from periodic tune-ups. Not only do these check-ups keep them running efficiently, but they can help identify problems while they’re still small. That is, before they become expensive.
  4. Get with the program. Did you know that installing a programmable thermostat can shave money off your heating bill this winter significantly? Be one of the households that saves up to $180/year with a programmable thermostat!
  5. Don’t get warped. Keep snow and ice (and late-season leaves) from accumulating near the bottom of your garage door. Too much accumulation can lead your garage door to warp when it tries to close completely and cannot due to obstruction.

SJR October 29 2009

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One Response to “Winterize Your Home: Tips to Save Money this Winter”

  1. DWAYNE Says:

    Awesome write-up, really! I really love this time of the year! Snowman and Cookie – Yah!

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